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Tax consultancy
for nursing professions

What are the tax consequences arising from the “Pflegepersonal-Stärkungsgesetz” (Nursing Staff Support Act)?
What do I have to take into account when it comes to nursing rate negotiations? 
How should I prepare nursing rate negotiations and how can I optimize care categories?
What does legally-watertight accounting based on the “Pflegebuchführungsverordnung” (Care Accounting Ordinance) look like? 


Through years of devoting our attention to inpatient and outpatient care facilities we have acquired extensive industry-specific know-how. Thus we are in a position to give optimal taxation advice to companies in the care sector, in particular.

Legal counselling
for nursing professions

What legal form is best suited to my care company?
Must I necessarily establish a joint-stock company for the creation of a single entity in terms of value-added tax?
How can I convert my existing tax-neutral care company (sole proprietorship) into a different legal form?


Advice regarding all issues of corporate law is extremely important, especially to companies working in the care sector. The tiniest errors can lead to enormous (value-added) tax risks. From a legal perspective, and as qualified lawyers and specialists in tax law, we provide experienced and farsighted advice in these fields.

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