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Tax consultancy
for private individuals

Is it worthwhile amending my personal income tax return?
Is it not cheaper to buy a tax software package on an annual basis?
Do I have to submit a tax return at all?


When it comes to assessing your private tax matters as diligently as possible, extensive technical knowledge is required. A simple standard software package cannot analyze your personal tax planning and savings potential. Furthermore, in the course of drawing up your personal income tax return, taking into account legislative amendments, we examine the tax implications for subsequent years. Of course, in this context, we also consider whether or not you are actually required to submit a tax return.

Legal counselling
for private individuals

Do I need a tenancy agreement with regard to my rental income?
Do I need a will, a durable power of attorney for health care and / or a living will?
How must my severance agreement with my employer be formulated to make it legally watertight?

Legal issues necessarily arise as part of your private tax matters. There are necessarily overlaps with inheritance topics or labour law issues. As qualified lawyers we advise you here in a manner consistent with the tax implications.

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